Demo Session 1 (ECTEL)

See the video pitch for this session here.

N. Zaric, D. M. Gottschlich, R. Roepke & U. Schroeder: Supporting Gamification with an Interactive Gamification Analytics Tool (IGAT)

A. Ahmad, J. Schneider & H. Drachsler: OpenLAIR an Open Learning Analytics Indicator Repository Dashboard

A. Ruiz-Calleja, M.-L. Bote-Lorenzo, G. Vega-Gorgojo, S. Serrano-Iglesias, P. García-Zarza, J. I. Asensio-Pérez & E. Gómez-Sánchez:CasualLearn: A smart application to learn History of Art

J. Buchner & M. Kerres: Applying Instructional Design Principles on Augmented Reality Cards for Computer Science Education

R. May & K. Denecke: Extending Patient Education with CLAIRE: An Interactive Virtual Reality and Voice User Interface Application


Demo Session 1 (ECTEL)