Poster Session 3: Interactive tools and resources (ECTEL)

Please find the video pitches here

Chair: Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez/ Sebastian Dennerlein

S. Noichl & U. Schroeder: InfoBiTS: A mobile application to foster digital competencies of senior citizens

P. Kruit & B. Bredeweg: Interactive Concept Cartoons: Exploring an Instrument for Developing Scientific Literacy

T. Kubica, T. Hara, I. Braun & A. Schill: An Approach to Support Real-Time Activities in Live Stream Lectures

M. Elias, A. Oelen, M. Tavakoli, G. Kismihok & Sören Auer: Quality Evaluation of Open Educational Resources

E. A. Teo & E. Triantafyllou:Pedagogical underpinnings of open science, citizen science and open innovation activities: a state-of-the-art analysis


Poster Session 3: Interactive tools and resources (ECTEL)