Poster Session 5: Teaching & Learning, Design & Strategies (ECTEL)

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Chair: Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez/ Sebastian Dennerlein

A. Filighera, T. Steuer & C. Rensing: Fool me if you can – Student Attacks on Automatic Short Answer Grading

K. Jordan: Beyond indicators: A scoping review of the academic literature related to SDG4 and educational technology

S. Dennerlein, C. Brenner, R. Gutounig, S. Schweiger, V. Pammer-Schindler: Guiding Socio-technical Reflection of Ethical Principles in TEL Software Development: The SREP Framework

J.-B. Raclet & F. Silvestre: Git4School: a Dashboard for Supporting Teacher Interventions in Software Engineering Courses

C. ter Horst, L. Kubbe, B. van der Rotten, K. Peters, A. Bouwer, B. Bredeweg: Exploring the design and impact of online exercises for teacher training about dynamic models in mathematics


Poster Session 5: Teaching & Learning, Design & Strategies (ECTEL)