Parallel session 1: Collaborative learning (ECTEL)

Chair: Andreas Lingnau

1.) Konstantinos Michos, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez, Yannis Dimitriadis, Sara García-Sastre, Sara Villagrá-Sobrino, Alejandro Ortega-Arranz, Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez and Paraskevi Topali: Design of conversational agents for CSCL: comparing two types of agent intervention strategies in a university classroom (ECTEL Best Paper Award Nominee)

2.) Mohammed Saqr and Olga Viberg: Using Diffusion Network Analytics to Examine and Support Knowledge Construction in CSCL Settings

3.) Vanessa Echeverria, Kenneth Holstein, Jennifer Huang, Jonathan Sewall, Nikol Rummel and Vincent Aleven: Exploring Human–AI Control over Dynamic Transitions between Individual and Collaborative Learning (ECTEL Best Paper Award Nominee)


Parallel session 1: Collaborative learning (ECTEL)