Parallel session 10: Discourse/Video analytics

Chair: Pedro J. Muñoz-Merino

1.) Danner Schlotterbeck, Roberto Araya, Daniela Caballero, Abelino Jimenez, Sami Lehesvuori and Jouni Viiri: Assessing Teacher’s Discourse Effect on Students’ Learning: A Keyword Centrality Approach

2.) Tim Steuer, Anna Filighera and Christoph Rensing: Exploring Artificial Jabbering For Automatic Text Comprehension Question Generation

3.) Cleo Schulten, Sven Manske, Angela Langner-Thiele and H. Ulrich Hoppe: Digital Value-Adding Chains in Vocational Education: Automatic Keyword Extraction from Learning Videos to Provide Learning Resource Recommendations


Parallel session 10: Discourse/Video analytics