Parallel session 14: Supporting learners (ECTEL)

Chair: Margarita Ortiz

K. Akhuseyinoglu, J. Barria-Pineda, S. Sosnovsky, A.L. Lamprecht, J. Guerra and P. Brusilovsky: Exploring Student-Controlled Social Comparison (ECTEL Best Paper Award Nominee)

I. Nikolayeva, A. Yessad, B. Laforge and V. Luengo: Does an e-mail reminder intervention with learning analytics reduce procrastination in a blended university course?

S. Siouli, S. Makris, E. Romanopoulou & P. P. D. Bamidis: Living with learning difficulties: Two case studies exploring the relationship between emotion and performance in students with learning difficulties


Parallel session 14: Supporting learners (ECTEL)