Parallel session 18: Impact II (ECTEL)

Chair: T. Farrell/ T. Broos

1.) Joanna Jesionkowska, Fridolin Wild, Mikhail Fominykh and Judith Molka-Danielsen: Pandemic-Induced Constraints on Rapid Transformation to Digital Education

2.) Jan Pawlowski, Kati Clements, Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Martin Idzik, Mikko Muilu, Mihkel Pilv and Sofoklis Sotiriou: Computational Thinking and Acting: An Approach for Primary School Competency Development

3.) Marcus Soll, Louis Kobras, Melf Johannsen and Chris Biemann: Enhancing a Theory-Focused Course Through the Introduction of Automatically Assessed Programming Exercises – Lessons Learned


Parallel session 18: Impact II (ECTEL)